Monday, September 29, 2008

Great Ebates offer!

Ebates has a great offer that ends October 31. Sign up now and you will get a $10 sign up bonus which is normally $5. This is a great way to get extra money. Simply go through and click on whatever store you are going to buy from (ex:Target) and make purchase from ebates link. They give you a % back on what you spend where they will send you a check a couple of times a year. My friend got me hooked and I have $72 in my account and growing that's helping to pay for my daughter's Christmas. The link for this promotion is below.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thomas Wolfe 8K

I decided the day I finished the Citizen Times 5K that I wanted to do more than a 5k and immediately signed up that evening for the Thomas Wolfe 8k. I have to admit, this morning I was think that I must be crazy to get myself up at 6 am and go run in the cold and misting rain. I was shivering the first 2 miles (5 miles total), but then I warmed up and did better. My goal for this race was simply to finish under 1 hour. I finished in 55:56, which is roughly an 11 min mile (I was doing just over a ten min mile until I had to run up Patton, which greatly slowed me down). Mile marker 1 was 10:12 and mile 3 was 32:24. I'm happy with my time though. I can tell my times are improving with each race and with practice (that I've been slacking on lately). The picture was taken in the cemetery

It was a pretty run. It started out in front of the Mellow Mushroom and went through downtown in front of the Civic Center. Then, over the bridge into Montford, down to the Cemetery where Thomas Wolfe is buried, back out to Montford. It continued back over the bridge heading away from downtown before turning back and up Patton Ave all the way up to the monument, before turning and finishing in front of the Thomas Wolfe House.

Shawn sat this one out, he said he's exclusively a 5ker. Jaime's already planning the next run, I'm not sure if I want to do anymore for a while. However, this is very addicting and I probably will. After all, what's another 4 miles?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Follow the leader

Shawn and I were driving one day (probably looking for gas!) when we noticed the birds flying in the infamous V formation, indicating that fall is coming. It was a perfect V, not one bird out of formation. That got us wondering. What made the birds decide on a V and not a Z or an X? And who decides which bird gets to be the leader, or do they take turns? How do they know who goes in which place in the V? Another day in the Pyfrom family......

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Asheville Citizen-Times 5K

Shawn and I ran the Citizen Times 5k on Saturday, both of us achieving our best times yet. I ran it in 33:21 and Shawn 31:35. It really was an awesome run, considering neither of us had a good night's sleep (shawn worked late the night before) and we've slacked off a bit on our training. My next run will be in two weeks at the Thomas Wolfe 8k, which will be my first 8k run. I will be doing this one alone as Shawn has declared he will not go above a 5k. I'm looking forward to it!