Thursday, August 7, 2008

A room fit for a princess!

When we moved to our new house a year ago, the first thing my daughter said was "I want a pink room". I had just repainted the whole house that we just moved out of, so I wasn't jumping to paint anything. A year later, I finally decided to paint her room as I promised. We picked out a deep, pretty pink (not pepto-bismol pink) and on one wall added rolling green hills and wall stickems. The stickems were purchased online (i googled them) and included all the Disney princesses and a beautiful, large castle. Abbey LOVES her room.


jaime said...

I love it too. I'm going to hire you out to do my kid's room some day...Just have to get a kid first. And a house. That would be good.

stephanie said...

we did a purple room with fairies in it. The kids loved it. I think that yours is soo cute.