Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yay, me!

I've been really good this week at getting back to my gym routine of 4 times a week. Today's run (4 miles) made #3 and tomorrow will be #4. Go me! Especially since I practically dragged myself to the gym tonight in below zero weather (thanks to the wind). It snowed in Asheville/Madison yesterday, but yet again we barely got a dusting. I'm not even taking the time to put pictures it was so pathetic.
We are getting REALLY excited about our cruise! We got some of our travel docs in the mail today along with our luggage tags. As soon as Abbey's bday party is over, it will be time to plot and plan our trip! It's been a happy day!

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jaime said...

Yay for the running! I'm running the Frostbite 5k with Kenny on Feb. 22 and it's in Fletcher (at 2:30 p.m.!) If you're up for running it, let me know! I posted snow photos. You can live vicariously through my dogs, if you'd like!