Thursday, March 5, 2009

Which moron thought of this dumb idea???

I'm shopping at Target and come across the Nad's wax kit and think, you know, that might be neat to try just once. Maybe I won't even have to shave as often on my cruise. I even found a guinia pig to try it on first, the hubby. Yes, he agreed to let me try it on a small area of chest hair. He didn't flinch and I thought to myself, I gave birth and I'm tougher than the hubby. Time to do the legs. Let me just say, there was not enough liquor in the house for me to do more than about 3 square inches of ONE leg. Enough said.

PS...Shawn now thinks that because he could handle the "waxing trial", he's now capable of handling getting a tattoo. We'll see.

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jaime said...

Um. I don't know if he could handle a tattoo. Just saying.