Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mommy, can I change my name...

Yesterday was a very eventful day. It started as I woke up that morning, soon to be met by horrible thunderstorms and tornado warnings. The scary part was the thunder that would just keep thundering beyond the normal few seconds that had me second guessing if it was actually thunder. Not fun. After all that excitement ended, I went to my moms and put together her new grill, for that I should get a medal. Not because I was nice to put it together, but because it was tough to put together. Finally, after dinner without Shawn (he worked late), Abbey and I went to the gym. I ran my 3.1 miles in the start of my prep for my upcoming 5k that I still haven't signed up for yet. That's today's to do list.
After leaving the gym, Abbey had a dilemma. She has a friend at the gym named Aurora, just like Sleeping Beauty. Abbey was quite upset that she didn't have a Disney princess name and wanted to know why I didn't name her after a Disney princess. She continued to ask which princess she could change her name to and to hurry because she has to tell her friend her new name when we got to the gym the next time. Ugh, I hate deadlines!

One more thing, I googled "Asheville chamber 5k" and my husbands blog came up on the first page! He was excited, how funny is that!


jaime said...

What's Abbey's new name? :)

And which 5k are you signing up for? Would you be up for doing the 8k in September again? (Barring any illnesses, injuries, other random circumstances....)

stephanie said...

Emily wants to change her name too. Must be a 5 year old thing.

On another note, it is a good thing you never came to visit me in Oklahoma....the storms there would have scared the crap out of you! :)