Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No, really, this is it!

Jaime and I keep saying that we're not running anymore this year, that we need a break. However, it seems we have one last run to fit into the year. Haywood Regional Medical Center has The Power of Pink Relay that we are planning to run. Jaime is trying to finish forming our team of 5 women who will each run 4 miles for a total of 20. The proceeds go towards giving women free mammograms to prevent breast cancer. I think it will be lots of fun! (Stephanie, if you were closer, you know you'd be part of this team! =) )


jaime said...

And after this, I still have at least one race left in me for the year - something on Thanksgiving Day. I know you're shopping at midnight, and I'll probably be out of town for that one, so I won't have to convince you to join me just one more time :)

April said...

I forgot about that one...Ok, my last one. Shawn and I might do the Frostbite run in February. He wants to do another 5k. I still think the midnight black friday rush should count as a run, lol.

stephanie said...

Your right, I would give it a whirl if I where closer. Do you have to collect donations or anything?