Monday, October 27, 2008

Pineapple plants and tadpoles...

As promised here is my tadpole and pineapple plant update. First, my pineapple plants. I started one back in August and ended up with 3 pineapple tops that I was attempting to root. I googled it and found two ways recommended to root pineapples. First was putting it in a clear glass of water and the second was just sticking it in the dirt. Well, the original pineapple top is still alive and after being transferred to dirt ( I decided to try both ways-2 in water 1 in dirt) it is developing roots AND has a pup (new growth plant) growing on the side. Of the two in water, 1 started rotting and the other (after quickly transferring to dirt) is now producing roots as well. The pineapple on the right is the original, and the light green spot towards the base is the new pup.

As for the tadpole, years ago I saw a Grow a frog kit at a teaching store but was never able to get one. Shawn found this one for me in Florida. You buy the kit, they send the tadpole, and you watch it grow into a frog. Once it is a frog, it will continue to live in water. He's already starting to get his hind legs, but they're still tiny. You can't determine the sex until it is a frog (by the color on forearms) so right now I'm just calling him Tad.

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jaime said...

I LOVE the tadpole! The pineapples are cool, too :)