Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Heart NKOTB!!!

The boys did not dissapoint! After all these years, they are still hot and know how to drive women wild! Jaime and I headed to Charlotte Thursday afternoon, giddy about the concert that night. We checked into our AWESOME Hotel (The Blake Hotel) that Jaime got us at a great price. After taking some pics in our room, and reading the safety sheet that they so graciously left us in our room (such as "don't look/act like a tourist" and "carry a dummy wallet"), we started getting ready.

We took the hotel shuttle to Brixx Pizza and Bar, which was great. It was overflowing with women and we ended up sitting at the bar. We each had two cosmos and one "pint" (as Jaime calls it) each of practically all liqeour. Jaime had a red bull and vodka and I had a blue motorcycle which was a blue tinted drink consisting of I think every liqeour in the place. Needless to say, we stumbled to the concert, about two blocks away, when we were done. Jaime summed it up as we left the Brixx saying, "I can't see straight". The pic below is us walking to the stadium. As you can see, Jaime is quite happy.

Here are some concert pics:

I will post a video or two of the concert later. They sang a lot of their old songs as wells as lots of their new ones. It really was a great concert and I would LOVE to see them again (and maybe get some "face time" with Donnie-- I'm sure Shawn would understand). We got a cab to go back to the hotel, and saw crazy women climbing a fence to try to see NKOTB. I think Jaime has a picture of them. They were nuts! Our hotel bar was closed when we got back, so we had to call it a night.

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jaime said...

I want to go back to Charlotte, for the hotel alone. NKOTB was awesome too :)