Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lovely Lady Lumps.....Check it out!

The Power of Pink Relay was on Saturday and our team, Lovely Lady Lumps, didn't do too bad. Our team consisted of myself, Jaime, Melissa, Carol, and Aileen. Each team member had to run 4 miles in what I consider the toughest course yet, for a team total of 20 miles. Our team time was 3:32:25. My time was 45:38, which wasn't too bad considering it was a hard course. They called it "rolling hills", I would call it "mountainous"! There were several steep hills to climb, and it was freezing outside. I normally would be like, "oh, it was a pretty run", but it was so cold my eyeballs were frozen and I really didn't care about anything but getting back to the finish line so I could go inside the warm building! That being said, it was fun competing with a team and I would love to do it again, especially since I now know the course and what to expect. Best of all, it's for a great cause!

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stephanie said...

you guys are so cool!