Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crazy Life

This past week (and the coming week) has been pretty crazy and hectic. First, Abbey had several appointments last week (all on different days). She's started speech therapy to help her with some of the consonant sounds that's she's not developing on her own. She has it at her school that she'll be starting next fall, which has introduced me to the madhouse it is around the time school lets out. Parents line up 45 minutes before school even lets out! What ever happened to just driving up, pick up your kid, and driving off? I guess she'll just be one of the last ones to be picked up because there is no way I'm sitting out there 45 minutes ahead of time. And no, she's not riding the bus (don't even get me started on the buses).
Also, this past week, Shawn and Abbey have both been sick (thank goodness I haven't caught it!). We've pretty much been hermits this weekend because of that, and hoping they'll rest up and get over it before the holidays next week!
Friday night, I went with some girlfriends to see Twilight (based on the book). While I had a good time because of the company, I must say I was disappointed in the movie. While I had expected that some parts from the book would be left out (which they were), I had not expected the horrible acting! It was almost like a B rated movie! I will see the sequels, but I hope they will send those people to acting classes or something.
Next week will be hectic, but I'm looking forward to it. My mom and I have this tradition of going to the after thanksgiving sales which start at midnight at the Gaffney Prime outlets. They have Pottery barn, Gymboree, and other name brand stores which have HUGE discounts that night. We pretty much stay up all night (thanks to Starbucks on the way) and then, on the way home, swing by the local walmart to catch the remaining deals. We always have a blast, and it's the only time I can really get away with coming home with tons of stuff and Shawn tell me not to tell him how much I spent. It's awesome.


stephanie said...

Just wait till she actually starts school. That is ALWAYS an interesting adventure! I haven't decided if I am going to go shopping on friday or not. Let the madness of Christmas shopping begin!

jaime said...

I think I have the same sickness crap that your family has. Blech. Hope they get better before Thursday!

I was at the mall yesterday. It made me almost hate life. I can't imagine how bad it's going to be on Friday...but I wish good shopping for you and your mom :)