Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here.... fishy, fishy.....

I'm not usually a big video game person, I leave that to Shawn and Abbey. However, I make an exception when it comes to Animal Crossing. It's a cute, all age encompassing, violence/vulgar language free game that Abbey and I can both play.

I was playing this Sunday night after we came back from SC and Abbey was watching (she had a tummy ache and couldn't sleep). I was fishing in the game.

Abbey: "what kind of fish did you catch?"
April: "It says it's a barbel steed."

I catch another fish.

Abbey: "what kind of fish is that one?"
April: "Bluegill"

I catch another fish.

Abbey: "Oohh, a seahorse!"

Still fishing.

Abbey: "You know what kind of fish I want to catch, Mommy?"
April: "what kind?"
Abbey: "fish sticks!" (she says happily)

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