Friday, January 9, 2009

New Years Resolutions

So, I'm a little late with the resolutions (and with a blog post). But lots have happened, including the passing of our beloved teacher, Mr. Fullington. Last night, Jaime and I went to his memorial service at Erwin High (my, how I miss high school, no adult responsibilities, no bills...). It was a wonderful service as it truly encompassed the man. I truly felt like he could be sitting right there, smiling and laughing (and tearing up) with the rest of us. While sitting there, listening to the words of the song, "I'll follow the sun", I came up with another item for my list.

April's New Year Resolutions

1. Add a few of Mr. Fullington's favorites to my song list--I think the best way to remember him is to be able to pass down the love of music (which I already have) to my daughter and future children. Not just listening to the music, but to teach her to know what the lyrics are about. So often, as busy as we get, we sing the words without really LISTENING to the meaning...I'm going to change that.

2. Finish my mosaic turtle (that I've been working on for a year now sporadically)

3. Continue running 5K's and maybe another 8k

4. Get back into my routine of going to the gym 4 days a week (that I've seemed to not do over the holidays)

5. Try to be more patient with things I can't control.

6. De clutter (waayyy to much stuff in the house!)

7. Be more optimistic.

One thing I don't have to put on the list, because I'm already thankful for it, is to have such great friends. Two friends, in particular, that no matter how far apart we live or how busy our lives get.....Have always been there (since like middle school!) and always will be....I'm realizing that our friendship is a rare one, not everyone keeps in touch after high school.....and for that, I'm thankful!


jaime said...

heehee :) I hope I'm one of those friends! ;)

Good list of resolutions!!

April said...

Yes =) You and Stephanie are the best friends ever!

stephanie said...

It really makes me feel old to know that we have been friends for so long. It has been a long time!