Friday, January 16, 2009

STUPID PEOPLE & Birthday Parties

Not to be confused with stupid people AT birthday parties....I'm so glad that I'm in control of my own blog. I have complete authority to NOW approve any comment left from a certain STUPID PERSON who keeps "blog-o-marketing" (I really like that word) my comments. So, there, STUPID PERSON, I win....HAHA. (Now that I got that out of my system).

I let Abbey pick out her birthday plates and napkins/etc today. WOW, I forgot how expensive everything was (of course, I spent half of it on balloons). She always picks the ones that cannot be found at walmart, so I have to go to the expensive party store. Oh, well....You only turn 5 once. Which, by the way, she (on her own) chose Strawberry Shortcake, which is exactly the same as I had for my 5th birthday party.


stephanie said...

what? no more comments on snake wine?

April said...